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Tomas Hubelbauer Curriculum Vitae

Tomas Hubelbauer

Software Development Consultant from Prague :wave:

Personal profile


Operating Systems

I use Windows, Ubuntu and macOS on daily basis.

Programming Languages

I've been programming profesionally for about 8 years now and my experience includes (in approximate order of experience):

Some related technologies I have experience with:

Mentoring and Speaking

I used to work as a software development lecturer for Gopas part-time. My lectures focused on topics of parallelism in .NET.


Frontend Solutions Architect @ Massive (2016 - present)

React, TypeScript, Cordova, Android, iOS, Apple TV / tvOS, Haxe, HbbTV, Smart TVs, …

Senior Software Developer @ Sprinx (2016)

React, TypeScript, CRM, DMS, .NET (ASP & C#), SignalR, Lucene, Dapper, SQL Server, integrations, …

Software Developer @ STRV (2016)

NodeJS, JavaScript, NodeJS, .NET, Stripe, Postgres, Plaid, SAP, integrations, …

Software Developer @ Mluvii (2014-2015)

WebRTC, SIP, SignalR, WebSockets, React, Postgres, NHibernate, Babel, NodeJS, ActionScript, DMZ, NAT, networking, …

Software Developer @ Skylab (2014)

CRM, .NET (ASP & C#), DMS, SQL Server, EF, Bootstrap, ERP, integrations, …

Software Developer @ Riganti (2011 - 2014)

.NET (VB, C#, ASP), WPF, WCF, JavaScript, SQLite, EF, Knockout, Win32, hardware reversing and integrations, …


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