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Fix the order of commands when creating a new app


Dokku is a self-hosted alternative to Heroku that allows one to just git push dokku master like with Heroku and have apps up in seconds. It uses herokuish to simulate the Heroku build and deployment.



Running TypeScript applications on Dokku without any Procfiles can be achieved by running this in start:

tsc -p . && node src/index.js`

This will compile TypeScript to JavaScript (in the Dokku container only) and then run JavaScript.

It may be necessary to also run this once on the server:

dokku config:set --no-restart bloggo  DOKKU_DEFAULT_CHECKS_WAIT=60

This is so that TSC has time to build and Node to start, the default 10 seconds is very low for that.

Note: TypeScript needs to be in dependencies and not in devDependencies for this to work it appears.

Kill stuck deployment

Kill app stuck in deployment: rm /home/dokku/$app/.deploy.lock

Create a new app


dokku ps:restart <app>

View app logs

dokku logs $name



If asked for a password, do:

Version Check

dokku version


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