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Git Comment

A project for annotation source code files kept in Git with asides. Each line has a unique ID: hash + file path + line number. Annotations are either kept in Git objects, if I can figure out how. (And how that would work with hosted Git and cloning and stuff.) (Maybe Git Notes would be a good fit for this?)

There could be a Visual Studio Code plugin for pressing a shortcut while at a line. It would open up an inline editor and allow to add a comment to that line or range of lines, which would be displayed similarly to how blame information is displayed.

If possible, either keep the comments as user-specific Git objects or just keep them out of the repo altogether. Definitely cannot be tied to commits to the repository or anything team-facing like that.


Not yet.


Pick a better name?

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2018-3-7 10:14:20 Tomáš Hübelbauer
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2018-3-7 10:14:02 Tomáš Hübelbauer
Draft the basic idea of Git Comment
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