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Plan improving my Bloggo templates

Tomáš Hübelbauer


In broad strokes, these are the next steps for the things I am working on recently.

QR Channel

Pressure Draw

For Photopea





Remove from Dokku.


MarkDown DOM

VS Code extension publisher install and rating watch

A simple Node app deployed to Dokku which collects installs and stars and puts them to Postgres in a specific interval.

The frontend displays a graph in time to reveal the stars rising/falling.

My VS Code Extensions



Changes (115)
2018-4-28 13:36:11 Tomáš Hübelbauer
Plan improving my Bloggo templates
2018-4-28 09:59:53 Tomáš Hübelbauer
Plan upgrading Dokku on my server and note down live Dokku apps
2018-4-27 14:47:11 Tomáš Hübelbauer
Plan developing the stars/installs watch
2018-4-26 07:34:32 Tomáš Hübelbauer
Remove inapplicable link
2018-4-25 20:53:20 Tomáš Hübelbauer
Plan decommissioning Tododo
2018-4-25 19:56:39 Tomáš Hübelbauer
Link Agenda Contributing section directly
2018-4-24 09:22:13 Tomáš Hübelbauer
Track Tododo development
2018-4-24 07:33:28 Tomáš Hübelbauer
Reformat and drop unworked stuff
2018-4-23 12:22:05 Tomáš Hübelbauer
Fix list format
2018-4-23 09:26:24 Tomáš Hübelbauer
Move Week Number todos to its repository
2018-4-23 09:23:56 Tomáš Hübelbauer
Plan creating a MarkDown Format Document extension
2018-4-23 09:02:22 Tomáš Hübelbauer
Move MarkDown Email Links todos to its repository
2018-4-23 08:58:46 Tomáš Hübelbauer
Ditch the idea of a suite extension as I don't like it anymore
2018-4-23 08:58:13 Tomáš Hübelbauer
Bookmark the query about changing extension name
2018-4-23 08:51:20 Tomáš Hübelbauer
Move MarkDown Box Drawing todos to its repository
2018-4-23 08:45:11 Tomáš Hübelbauer
Update the VS Code issue about documentation screenshots/links
2018-4-23 08:44:15 Tomáš Hübelbauer
Move MarkDown Link Suggestions todos over to its repository
2018-4-23 08:35:19 Tomáš Hübelbauer
Move MarkDown To-Do tasks over to its repository
2018-4-22 23:31:52 Tomáš Hübelbauer
Plan just linking to extensions' todo directories instead of duping
2018-4-22 23:28:40 Tomáš Hübelbauer
Plan further MarkDownDOM improvements
2018-4-22 23:01:18 Tomáš Hübelbauer
Fix the MarkDown non-first level header being first parsing issue
2018-4-22 22:49:04 Tomáš Hübelbauer
Plan fixing the non-first heading bug
2018-4-22 22:28:07 Tomáš Hübelbauer
Group MarkDown To-Do items by MarkDown heading
2018-4-22 21:56:30 Tomáš Hübelbauer
Update MarkDown To-Do and MarkDown DOM status
2018-4-22 18:37:26 Tomáš Hübelbauer
Plan updating link suggestions extension screenshot
2018-4-22 15:06:46 Tomáš Hübelbauer
Fix a typo
2018-4-22 15:05:16 Tomáš Hübelbauer
Update MarkDown To-Do extension development status after converting to a tree view
2018-4-22 12:47:46 Tomáš Hübelbauer
Bookmark VSCode extension samples from Microsoft
2018-4-22 12:44:02 Tomáš Hübelbauer
Note down the VS Code API docs improvement with images suggestion
2018-4-22 10:46:20 Tomáš Hübelbauer
Update development status of VS Code extensions
2018-4-22 08:51:25 Tomáš Hübelbauer
Plan using MarkDownDOM in MarkDown todo as well
2018-4-21 11:56:20 Tomáš Hübelbauer
Plan fixing up the email linking extension
2018-4-21 11:54:50 Tomáš Hübelbauer
Plan creating a screenshot for the MarkDown To-Do extension
2018-4-21 11:49:48 Tomáš Hübelbauer
Link to my VS Code extensions post
2018-4-21 11:48:47 Tomáš Hübelbauer
Finalize and deploy the table formatting extension
2018-4-21 11:41:06 Tomáš Hübelbauer
Fix the dash row formatting error
2018-4-21 11:30:27 Tomáš Hübelbauer
Update the development status of the table formatting extension
2018-4-21 10:35:10 Tomáš Hübelbauer
Remove the completed task to improve MarkDownDOM so it can be used for tables
2018-4-21 07:38:55 Tomáš Hübelbauer
Note down the intention to use MarkDownDOM for this as well
2018-4-20 19:45:23 Tomáš Hübelbauer
Remove the completed MarkDown email linkifier extensions
2018-4-20 19:08:34 Tomáš Hübelbauer
Bookmark the Email Link extension GitHub repository
2018-4-20 19:07:28 Tomáš Hübelbauer
Note down prospective APIs
2018-4-20 19:01:29 Tomáš Hübelbauer
Make a note of env.language for localization of the word week
2018-4-20 18:59:51 Tomáš Hübelbauer
Plan changing insert week command to be a text editor command
2018-4-20 18:54:41 Tomáš Hübelbauer
Implement an Insert Current Week Number command
2018-4-20 17:19:52 Tomáš Hübelbauer
Reflect that excluded files are now not searched for MarkDown headers
2018-4-20 17:18:28 Tomáš Hübelbauer
Integrate MarkDownDOM with MD Link Suggestions and track more development
2018-4-20 15:45:09 Tomáš Hübelbauer
Plan to ignore ignored files
2018-4-20 14:45:56 Tomáš Hübelbauer
Plan resuing MarkDown DOM for the VS Code MarkDown extension
2018-4-20 09:16:47 Tomáš Hübelbauer
Switch to diacritics in name
2018-4-20 08:03:44 Tomáš Hübelbauer
Plan converting algo.js in Box Drawing to proper tests
2018-4-20 08:02:31 Tomáš Hübelbauer
Remove a forgotten bit
2018-4-20 08:01:57 Tomáš Hübelbauer
Group the VS Code extension work under a single heading
2018-4-20 07:51:23 Tomáš Hübelbauer
Update the development status of the VS Code MarkDown Link Suggestions extension
2018-4-19 21:52:41 Tomáš Hübelbauer
Update Agenda status after deploying it to Dokku
2018-4-19 19:59:49 Tomáš Hübelbauer
Split up the intended VS Code extension work per extension
2018-4-19 19:50:44 Tomáš Hübelbauer
Update ISDS Puppeteer and link to the current todos
2018-4-19 19:32:54 Tomáš Hübelbauer
Update status and convert to MarkDown checkboxen
2018-4-19 14:35:10 Tomáš Hübelbauer
Plan support for linkifying emails
2018-4-19 14:31:31 Tomáš Hübelbauer
Play around with the idea of Tom file format support
2018-4-19 14:30:50 Tomáš Hübelbauer
Add the ability to format tables automatically
2018-4-19 14:09:53 Tomáš Hübelbauer
Update MarkDown links of all listed domain names
2018-4-19 14:08:08 Tomáš Hübelbauer
Rethink duplicating extensions in favor of extension dependencies
2018-4-19 14:07:12 Tomáš Hübelbauer
Envision a more complete MarkDown buddy extension
2018-4-19 09:30:45 Tomáš Hübelbauer
Bookmark the VS Code issue for the idea feature
2018-4-19 09:17:34 Tomáš Hübelbauer
Trace the new VS Code extension idea for MarkDown local link checking
2018-4-16 20:09:41 Tomáš Hübelbauer
Update the status of the spike development
2018-4-16 13:31:45 Tomáš Hübelbauer
Link to the VS Code Week Number extension GitHub repository
2018-4-16 13:15:07 Tomáš Hübelbauer
Update the approach for testing the QR channel
2018-4-16 12:24:05 Tomáš Hübelbauer
Plan developing the VS Code week number extension
2018-4-16 11:54:47 Tomáš Hübelbauer
Link to the SDP ICE QR Pack development plan
2018-4-16 11:51:05 Tomáš Hübelbauer
Update the development plan for Bloggo
2018-4-16 11:45:29 Tomáš Hübelbauer
Update the plans for SDP ICE QR pack
2018-4-16 07:39:32 Tomáš Hübelbauer
Bookmark Pressure Draw where I am doing experiments for Photopea
2018-4-15 19:28:28 Tomáš Hübelbauer
Track progress on SDP ICE pack
2018-4-12 21:27:09 Tomáš Hübelbauer
Update Bloggo development status
2018-4-12 20:29:24 Tomáš Hübelbauer
Reorder to reflect the current situation
2018-4-12 20:20:25 Tomáš Hübelbauer
Update the link to the setBypassCSP PR
2018-4-12 20:17:15 Tomáš Hübelbauer
Update to reflect support has been reached
2018-4-12 20:13:25 Tomáš Hübelbauer
Update the status of Agenda development
2018-4-12 20:01:28 Tomáš Hübelbauer
Mention the spike in qr-channel
2018-4-12 09:06:46 Tomáš Hübelbauer
Cross off using a safe storage approach without hardcoding
2018-4-12 08:40:08 Tomáš Hübelbauer
Update the strategy for GitHub and GitLab handles
2018-4-12 08:13:49 Tomáš Hübelbauer
Link to the setBypassCSP method from Puppeteer
2018-4-11 21:10:10 Tomáš Hübelbauer
Link to Agenda now that it is public
2018-4-11 20:59:29 Tomáš Hübelbauer
Update the description to emphasize next steps
2018-4-11 20:51:02 Tomáš Hübelbauer
Update the Bloggo source repository URL to the new handle
2018-4-11 20:50:39 Tomáš Hübelbauer
Cross off updating Bloggo to split into source and config repos
2018-4-11 20:24:02 Tomáš Hübelbauer
Update the status of moving Bloggo under its own handles
2018-4-11 20:05:39 Tomáš Hübelbauer
Cross out dropping the VSCode prefix from extension names
2018-4-11 19:48:27 Tomáš Hübelbauer
Plan moving Agenda to the repository
2018-4-11 19:45:15 Tomáš Hübelbauer
Update plans with Bloggo
2018-4-11 19:38:54 Tomáš Hübelbauer
Update the status of group/org handle for Bloggo
2018-4-11 19:34:47 Tomáš Hübelbauer
Add missing domain names
2018-4-11 19:17:42 Tomáš Hübelbauer
Cross off releasing the MarkDown To-Do extension now that it is in the Marketplace
2018-4-11 19:03:03 Tomáš Hübelbauer
Plan exploring WebAssembly Studio
2018-4-11 15:14:11 Tomáš Hübelbauer
Remove fixed change watching to-do
2018-4-11 14:10:03 Tomáš Hübelbauer
Prefill the list of domains with those I know off the top of my head
2018-4-11 14:08:53 Tomáš Hübelbauer
Plan removing VS Code prefix from the extension names
2018-4-11 12:21:24 Tomáš Hübelbauer
Plan keeping info on domains here
2018-4-11 09:56:24 Tomáš Hübelbauer
Update the development status of VS Code MarkDown To-Do
2018-4-11 07:41:29 Tomáš Hübelbauer
Fix a typo: contribut -> contribute
2018-4-11 07:41:00 Tomáš Hübelbauer
Mention Puppeteer 1.3.0 release date
2018-4-10 21:21:41 Tomáš Hübelbauer
Plan converting both bloggo handles to org/group
2018-4-10 21:20:50 Tomáš Hübelbauer
Mention now registered Bloggo GitHub account
2018-4-10 20:26:37 Tomáš Hübelbauer
Fix missing inline code formatting for project names
2018-4-10 20:25:32 Tomáš Hübelbauer
Break into third-level sections grouped by the project
2018-4-10 20:02:02 Tomáš Hübelbauer
Mention org and group effort
2018-4-10 19:59:22 Tomáš Hübelbauer
Plan moving Bloggo under its own handle
2018-4-10 19:50:07 Tomáš Hübelbauer
Mention the Bloggo GitLab profile
2018-4-10 19:48:18 Tomáš Hübelbauer
Link GitHub and GitLab profiles with Rhaeo mention
2018-4-10 19:29:59 Tomáš Hübelbauer
Remove net-tree as the qr-channel build has been adapted
2018-4-10 19:14:24 Tomáš Hübelbauer
Link to social media profiles
2018-4-10 15:28:39 Tomáš Hübelbauer
Add Agenda to the list of more or less alive projects
2018-4-10 15:21:26 Tomáš Hübelbauer
Type up projects I am currently more or less working on
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