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Modern Office Git Diff

GitLab pipeline status

An experiment in tracking and diffing versions of modern Microsoft Office files in Git.

Modern Office file formats are ZIP archives with XML files in them. The ZIP archives are binary files so Git (and furthemore GitHub, GitLab where diff cannot be tweaked) won't display a nice diff for them. The XML files are not binary, so in order to display a diff for these, this unpacks the ZIP files to directories that are tracked in Git. Tracking generated files is pretty dumb, but so is tracking binary files and when forced to have one, it's not a leap to have the other as well if it bring something useful to the table.

This is achieved using a PowerShell script which unpacks the ZIP file to a tracked directory, formats the XML files for nice diff and tracks the formatted files as well.


The XML diff captures the exact change whereas the TXT diff captures text-only change for quick content inspection.





Run PowerShell scripts using VS Code PowerShell Integrated Console to avoid security blocks. Open it by clicking on any .ps1 file with integrated terminal open or running the PowerShell: Show Integrated Console VS Code command (F1+(p+s+c+i)).

cp .git/hooks/pre-commit.sample .git/hooks/pre-commit
code .git/hooks/pre-commit

Observe commit diffs to see Office file changes in the XML and TXT files.


Run PowerShell scripts using VS Code PowerShell Integrated Console to avoid security blocks. Open it by clicking on any .ps1 file with integrated terminal open or running the PowerShell: Show Integrated Console VS Code command (F1+(p+s+c+i)).

Run cmd/run-tests.ps1 which will run NodeJS tests in test/ (prerequisites).

In this repository, the tests run together with the main script in a pre-commit hook in order to catch any bugs as soon as possible during development. When using this script as a tool in a repository other than this one, only the main script would be ran as shown in the Git pre-commit hook setup code.

Continuous Integration

Even though it is recommended to run the test suite as a part of the development pre-commit hook, that won't cover GitHub/GitLab online editor contributions.

See Contributing for details about repository hosting and mirroring.


See tasks.


GitLab pipeline status

See .gitlab-ci.yml for configuration. Debugging the configuration is contrived because the GitLab repository is set as a pull mirror, which means introducing changes in it will stop the pulling from happening. The configuration can either be changed in the GitHub repository, with validation confirmed once another pull happens and the pipeline runs, or by setting up a temporary clone in GitLab, tweaking the configuration in it and then porting working changes over to the GitHub source repository.


This repository is licensed under the MIT license.


The project is hosted on GitHub and is mirrored to GitLab using 'pull' repository mirroring.

Use hook/ when contributing to this repository to also run tests.

See planned development.


See git log and development notes.

Some notable prior art:

All of these focus on on-demand (non-tracked) generating of text-only versions of the files, do not capture structure changes. This project aims to explore the other, potentially less useful, but nonetheless interesting, route of versioning both the compressed and the uncompressed forms of a file in parallel. See features and drawback for pros and cons.

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Set up GitLab CI
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Differentiate pre-commit hooks for tests
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Add a task to runs tests with each commit
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Add descriptions to test ideas
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Pull test util functions out to enable more test types
2018-1-3 16:20:13 Tomáš Hübelbauer
Report all run results at the end of test run
2018-1-3 16:17:31 Tomáš Hübelbauer
Add a basic PowerPoint test
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Add basic Excel test
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Add full shortcut for the PowerShell Integrated Console
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Update pre-commit hook code in README
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Distinguish powershell and pwsh commands
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Add a task to distinguish powershell and pwsh
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Verify PowerShell works on Ubuntu
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Document Git prerequisite for tests
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Remove finished license task
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Link the license file from the README
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Add licensing information
2018-1-2 16:17:54 Tomáš Hübelbauer
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Dot dot back to root repository directory after running tests
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Add instructions for running tests
2018-1-2 16:13:37 Tomáš Hübelbauer
Implement basis for writing tests
2018-1-2 14:27:23 Tomáš Hübelbauer
Add supported system version table
2018-1-2 12:54:46 Tomáš Hübelbauer
Rethink and document the approach to tests
2018-1-1 22:14:58 Tomáš Hübelbauer
Explain task for adding tests
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Update dev log for today
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Update features and limitations
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Generate 'generated' comments
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Add generated content warning files and comments task
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Clarify how to open PowerShell Integrated Console in VS Code
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Add a task to verify portability
2018-1-1 21:42:03 Tomáš Hübelbauer
Simplify and add PS ISE script
2018-1-1 21:33:06 Tomáš Hübelbauer
Fix missing staged changed files
2018-1-1 21:30:39 Tomáš Hübelbauer
Added tasks for tests and PS ISE
2018-1-1 21:25:35 Tomáš Hübelbauer
Scrape block element recognition attempt
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Update tasks to scrape block elements
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Add a task to fix skipping
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Add title element to Word demo
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Update tasks and notes
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Implement skipping unchanged files
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Move demo files to own folder
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Add a new drawback
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Sort priot art by year
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Credit prior art
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Clarify running the script without security error
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Update project name
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Link to example diff commits
2017-12-31 12:23:00 Tomáš Hübelbauer
Demonstrate Excel diffing
2017-12-31 12:22:34 Tomáš Hübelbauer
Demonstrate Word diffing
2017-12-31 12:21:43 Tomáš Hübelbauer
Encode TXT diff files as UTF8
2017-12-31 12:19:21 Tomáš Hübelbauer
Demonstrate Excel diffing
2017-12-31 12:18:45 Tomáš Hübelbauer
Demonstrate Word diffing
2017-12-31 12:17:41 Tomáš Hübelbauer
Call out main feature
2017-12-31 12:16:33 Tomáš Hübelbauer
Add new tasks
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Call out features in the README
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Clear task backlog
2017-12-31 12:11:38 Tomáš Hübelbauer
Generate text-only files for lossy diff
2017-12-31 11:55:59 Tomáš Hübelbauer
Remove completed task
2017-12-31 11:55:37 Tomáš Hübelbauer
2017-12-31 11:51:12 Tomáš Hübelbauer
Improve invocation example
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Clean up and tasks
2017-12-31 11:41:11 Tomáš Hübelbauer
Remove PowerPoint test
2017-12-31 11:38:59 Tomáš Hübelbauer
Test tracking whole .git directory not just XML files
2017-12-31 11:38:23 Tomáš Hübelbauer
Remove artifact
2017-12-31 11:37:50 Tomáš Hübelbauer
Fix directory path
2017-12-31 11:37:25 Tomáš Hübelbauer
Add new PowerPoint to test adding non-XML
2017-12-31 11:36:43 Tomáš Hübelbauer
Remove abandoned without asking
2017-12-31 11:35:50 Tomáš Hübelbauer
Improve tracking and test abandoned directory cleanup
2017-12-31 11:34:48 Tomáš Hübelbauer
Add new tasks
2017-12-31 11:33:01 Tomáš Hübelbauer
Commit non-XML files
2017-12-31 11:32:28 Tomáš Hübelbauer
Implement disposing abandoned extractions
2017-12-31 09:37:35 Tomáš Hübelbauer
Update the Office files for diff
2017-12-31 09:36:31 Tomáš Hübelbauer
Make the Office files blank
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Clean up the file
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Use new docs and update tasks
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Extend to cover any Office files
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Do a real last change for a test
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Add instructions for setting up the pre-commit hook
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Do one last test
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Add planned contributions and development log
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Make more changes
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Fix git add absolute path
2017-12-31 08:43:25 Tomáš Hübelbauer
Make other changes
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Track changed generated files instead of waiting
2017-12-31 08:40:19 Tomáš Hübelbauer
Make more changes
2017-12-31 08:39:36 Tomáš Hübelbauer
Increase dangling file timeout to 5s
2017-12-31 08:38:52 Tomáš Hübelbauer
Add dry run notes and dangling files
2017-12-31 08:37:13 Tomáš Hübelbauer
Make some changes
2017-12-31 08:33:56 Tomáš Hübelbauer
Add dangling file protection
2017-12-31 08:32:53 Tomáš Hübelbauer
Add try-this-out instructions
2017-12-31 08:30:09 Tomáš Hübelbauer
Use literal path to fix loading error
2017-12-31 08:23:02 Tomáš Hübelbauer
Add dangling files and try to format XML
2017-12-31 08:19:06 Tomáš Hübelbauer
Make changes to the DOCX file for diff
2017-12-31 08:17:59 Tomáš Hübelbauer
Force expansion to overwrite and remove Done message
2017-12-31 08:16:57 Tomáš Hübelbauer
Commit expanded archive for diffs
2017-12-31 08:16:06 Tomáš Hübelbauer
Use temporary copy with ZIP extension
2017-12-31 08:14:12 Tomáš Hübelbauer
Add ZIP expansion to PowerShell
2017-12-31 08:13:01 Tomáš Hübelbauer
Update doc with latest findings
2017-12-31 08:09:49 Tomáš Hübelbauer
Try WSL with full path
2017-12-31 08:07:06 Tomáš Hübelbauer
Clean up document and try last attempt with WSL
2017-12-31 08:00:32 Tomáš Hübelbauer
Replace fully with PowerShell
2017-12-31 07:47:13 Tomáš Hübelbauer
Use uname -a to distinguish
2017-12-31 07:46:12 Tomáš Hübelbauer
Distringuish scripts
2017-12-31 07:45:38 Tomáš Hübelbauer
Add whoami to distinguish systems
2017-12-31 07:43:35 Tomáš Hübelbauer
Try a hack to pick up Windows Bash
2017-12-31 07:38:42 Tomáš Hübelbauer
Invoke 7z to see if it exists
2017-12-31 07:38:17 Tomáš Hübelbauer
Restructure doc and use Bash shebang
2017-12-31 07:21:20 Tomáš Hübelbauer
Move script to file from inline
2017-12-31 07:19:55 Tomáš Hübelbauer
Figure out hook working directory
2017-12-31 07:19:09 Tomáš Hübelbauer
Document all approaches to MinGW
2017-12-31 07:17:51 Tomáš Hübelbauer
Try bash instead of ubuntu to see about permissions
2017-12-31 07:13:45 Tomáš Hübelbauer
Switch to PowerShell
2017-12-31 06:58:23 Tomáš Hübelbauer
Add a shebang to fix the hook not running
2017-12-31 06:49:57 Tomáš Hübelbauer
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