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Fix the tool URL

YouTube Playlist URL

Here's a tool for you!!

YouTube, for some reason, make it super hard in the UI to get a URL that leads to a playlist without also containing a cursor video.

This is the shitty URL that you get when you click on the Playlists tab of a channel:

This link sucks, because clicking on it will make it play a video and the little playlist box displayed to the right side is just pathetic for when it comes to getting a glimpse of what is contained in the playlist.

YouTube also supports this concepts of shows/series which usually YouTube Red channels take advantage of. It's displayed above the video title when on the video page, and is clickable! It looks like this:

Hmm, okay, internally, these shows seems to be represented as playlists, they even show up on the playlists page, but again, with the annoying cursor video style URL! Well, working from that, will the above-title playlist detail style URL work with any playlist ID? + the playlist ID

Yes! Just append the part after list= from the shitty URL style and here you go!

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Fix the tool URL
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Plan creating extensions
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Add playlist URL generator tool
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2018-1-25 18:20:04 Tomáš Hübelbauer
Add YouTube playlist URL trick
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