Tomas Hubelbauer

Supabase Studio filter non-empty array
A note on how to filter non-empty array in Supabase Studio
postgres supabase supabase-studio 🗄️
Open Source Encore: LiquidJS shell script \"portability\" for macOS
My contribution to LiquidJS and the improvement to its full build experience on macOS.
github-pages jekyll liquid liquid-js open-source open-source-encore 🗄️
Open Source Encore: WebSaver
My attempts at improving the user-friendliness of WebSaver and getting it to work for my needs.
mac-os macos objective-c open-source open-source-encore screen-saver xcode 🗄️
Open Source Encore: `jekyll-readme-index` support for configurable regex
My contribution to the jekyll-readme-index Jekyll plugin that ships with GitHub Pages out of the box.
github github-pages jekyll open-source readme ruby 🗄️
Open Source Encore: LiquidJS Jekyll filter support improvement contributions
A post about my contributions to LiquidJS and a little bit about how I built my site,
github-pages jekyll liquid liquidjs open-source open-source-encore 🗄️
Open Source Encore: VS Code create path while renaming with `/`
A post about my investigation into how to add a VS Code feature I\\'ve so desired it already had for a long time.
open-source vs-code vscode 🗄️
Open Source Encore: Playwright `test.only` with `forbidOnly` error message improvement
Open Source Encore post about my Playwright test runner forbidOnly mode error message improvement contribution
open-source open-source-encore playwright 🗄️
FatCow Icons
FatCow icons v3.9.2 (I was given a permission to host these on GitHub by FatCow support.)
fatcow fatcow-icons icon-pack icon-set icons 🗄️ 🌍
My explorations of the Podman container tool, an alternative to Docker.
containers docker podman 🗄️
Git `.DS_Store` Global Ignore
Information on how to hide the infamous .DS_Store macOS file using the global Git ignore configuration option.
dsstore git git-ignore macos 🗄️